Meet the team who work hard to make AYS what it is!

Staff members working together

Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer

Hey I'm Will and I'm the CEO of Advertise Your Server.


Chief Information Officer

Hello, I'm Eqi! I'm the founder and current CIO of this wonderful place. I also create most of the websites for AYS, so that's cool 😎.


Chief Technical Officer

Hey guys! I'm Andy and my job is to overview AYS Bots along with anything technical relating across our sister servers.


Chief Operations Officer

Hey, I'm John! I'm the current Chief Operations Officer here at AYS. I oversee the daily operations of our network and leadership teams.

Operations Management


Chief Marketing Officer

I'm Stephen, a proud member of our team for over two years, and I am dedicated to the success and experience of our community.


AYS Community Manager

Hello! My name is Cailee. I'm 22 years old currently, I love animals (especially cats), and if you ever want to talk just ping me! I don't bite... mostly.


AYR Community Manager

Hey, I'm Joseff. I have been the Reddit Manager since 2020 and I keep all Reddit operations moving while maintaining our subreddits.