The Benefits of Discord HypeSquad Events

So probably, all your friends are on the Discord HypeSquad program, and you’re thinking: What is the big deal about HS? In this blog post, I’ll outline all the benefits of being in the HypeSquad.

A cool badge for your Profile

Being in the HypeSquad has its own benefits, one of them being having a special badge on your profile, regardless of what option you chose when applying for HypeSquad, to make your friends absolutely jealous of you.

Access to a Special Discord Server

If you applied for the I run events! or I go to events! options, you’re in luck. You get to have the chance to participate in a server that’s only for HypeSquad members that attend/host events. I currently don’t have access to the server as I’m a couch potato and picked Online Only but there are a couple of videos out there on YouTube that show what the Discord HypeSquad server is like.

HypeSquad Hoodie

If you applied for the I run events! or I go to events! options, you’re in luck. You get an exclusive Discord HypeSquad hoodie, free of charge. It’s unfortunately not free if you’re in the United Kingdom or other countries, because here in the UK for me we have Customs Duty, which means that people have to pay for things being delivered from foreign countries and Discord won’t pay for it.

HypeSquad Email Updates

If you are a couch potato like me, you probably picked Online Only. Good thing we got some benefits. HS members of the Online Only level receive a weekly/monthly newsletter from Discord.

That’s all we have for today, but I won’t let you guys hanging, so I’ve attached a video onto here for your entertainment if you haven’t seen it already.



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