Discord Bot Basics: Generating an Invite Link for your Bot

Hi there! In this tutorial, I’ll be going through how to generate an invite link for your bot easily; no coding or developing the knowledge required.

You’ll want to visit the Unofficial Discord Permissions Calculator (thanks FiniteReality!) at https://finitereality.github.io/permissions-calculator/?v=0, which then you’ll be greeted with this page:

Tick the boxes that your bot may need permission to have, enter your bot Client ID and click the Add button. Copy the URL in your browser once you clicked the button and that’s it. Really simple!

Sorry about the short tutorial, I will do better because I’m on a schedule and I’m the only writer here (will be hiring soon!).

Hey I'm Will, I'm the CEO of Advertise Your Server and I love to help grow online communities.

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