Building A Community — Intro | The Discord Path

Wanting to make a server based around a topic, but you don’t know what to do to build it? Read more to find out!

How to create a community

Just a quick message, if you want more in-depth tutorials, they will be posted soon, so watch out for them!

Now, this isn’t going to make it so you instantly have a popular server, this just gives you tips on what to do to make your server appealing.

First thing that is important to add, text channels! These can have many uses, ranging from a place for server announcements, general chat, bot commands, and much more. You also would want to add voice channels, which can also have many different uses.

Now, you don’t want your server to look like this. (Right Top)

This is why you would want to use categories. Categories organize your channels so your channels are easy to find. It is also more user-friendly. (Right Bottom)

Now, you would want to add more channels and categories based on what your server is, but this is a general example.

Now, you don’t want your members to type in the announcements channel, right? This is where permissions and roles come into play. Add roles, give those roles certain permissions, and then set category and channel permissions. Easy, right?

Final thing, add some finishing touches! Rules, bots, events, and more! Then create an ad, and post it in AYS!

Once again, if you want more in-depth tutorials, they will be posted soon, so watch out for them! These will include how to make ads for these servers!

Hopefully you found this helpful!

Hey I am Will the current owner of Advertise Your Server. I have been building servers and bots for a long time so I hope to share my passion with you.

Originally published at on February 16, 2019.

Hey I'm Will, I'm the CEO of Advertise Your Server and I love to help grow online communities.

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