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Our goal at AYS is to help online communities on many different platforms thrive as well as help businesses get an online community started. We also like to help communities get awesome staff through specialised training and development. At the end of the day building communities is what we do.

AYS is one of the earliest and longest-standing growth networks of it's type, started in the summer of 2017 with the simple purpose to promote and discover Discord servers of various types.
We realised Discord servers weren't the only thing people wanted to promote: and to accomodate that, we launched AYB (Discord bot promotion/discovery), AYR (same concept but with Subreddits) and AYG (promotion of game servers and communities alike).
Today, we're one of the biggest servers to find communities on Discord's platform and we're not stopping there. We are innovating new ideas behind the scenes every day with the sole intent to help communities grow.


Marketing & Advertising

At the heart of our operations is helping users market & advertise their community out there: ranging from consulting, paid marketing, advertising your services on behalf of your community and our listing sites.

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Design & Development

Of course, you can't start up a community without distinguishing yourself from the competition: whether that'd be having a website or a bot that users can use: that's what our development solutions are for - creating websites, bots, graphic design and many more solutions alike.

Community Solutions

We offer various community solutions: ranging from our Small Servers program over at AYS dedicated to helping you start out in the Discord server scene, to Growth Expert services to gain a second-hand opinion on your community.

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